How to Stop an Oil Leak in Your Car?

How to stop an oil leak in your car

If your car spills oil on the roads, it signals an oil leak in your vehicle. The leakage of oil in a car is a warning sign. If you don’t get it checked, it may destroy your vehicle’s engine, costing you a lot. So in such a case, you can take your car to the nearest auto care shop or fix the oil leak.

How does a Car’s Oil Work? 

The engine’s lubrication system comprises a sump, oil galleries, and a filter. Oil is injected into the engine during compression, and peculiar greases are left behind. The oil leaves a smooth layer on anything it comes into contact with.

The purpose is to check if the engine components move smoothly and simultaneously and reduce friction and component wear. It improves both the performance and longevity of the engine.

The most challenging role that an engine oil performs is thermal expansion. Engine oil transfers heat from the lubricated fuel injectors, such as the bushings, gears, piston rings, and combustion shafts, when the engine runs. More heat is absorbed by the oil when it circulates the engine.

Engine oil also keeps your engine clean. It is made up of additives like friction modifiers, detergents, viscosity improvers, etc., which help to restrict the accumulation of varnish and other deposits in your engine. These additives also help the car operate efficiently and protect the engine from wear and tear.

What Is the Reason for a Car Oil Leak?

An engine oil leak is one of the main reasons for car damage. If your car leaks oil, the engine may soon damage and stop working. Engine oil leak occurs due to several reasons. Let’s understand the reasons that lead to oil leakage.

The fuel separator had to be installed appropriately. 

One of the main reasons for the oil leak repair is that the fuel separator was not correctly installed. At times, it can crush and restrict the separator, if not tightened properly.

The drain plug had been incorrectly tightened. 

The truck leaves rocks, gravel, dirt, and other road debris that can harm the drain pan and plug because they hover below the car. The plug may eventually develop a hole, disintegrate, or lose structural integrity due to wear and use. It is another major cause of oil leakage. In the case of not installed correctly, it can break or rip off, upon applying pressure.

A lock or stopper needs to be fixed.

They have certain things like:-

A crossover spot in the engine where two parts meet is not impenetrable and is sealed by a gasket or nozzle seal.  There are numerous areas in a car, including the sensor tube, the synchronization block stopper, the primary lock, the main stopper, etc,

The oil lubricates while hindering ignition. As a result, fuel mileage will be affected, leading to inefficient operations.  Most of these seals can be easily fixed as they are cost-efficient. But sometimes, these seals are more challenging to access, making repair costly. In such cases, take your car to a nearby auto repair shop and get help.

The primary seal at the tail end starts seeping.

If the oil spreads out from the rear engine, it indicates that the primary seal at the tail end is seeping and solved as soon as possible. The rotor is connected to the seal at the end, from where the oil is collected. Even a small leak may expand fast due to the oil pressure at that point.

Moreover, it gets gathered underneath the car. It creates a heap, which is quite tricky to maintain, and there is also a risk of fire ignition. So, if you notice leakage in a primary seal, take action immediately.

Is it safe to drive my car if it has an oil leak? 

Yes, you can drive the car with leaking oil. But it’s never considered to be a safe option. Because it is the oil that makes the engine lubricated and keeps it in good condition, without fuel, your car’s engine will get damaged, and you will have to incur a considerable expense for a new engine.

Let’s understand some common signs and dangers of driving a car with an oil leak:

Oil leaks are fire hazards and can lead to vehicle failure before any warning signs.
You can assess oil leakage by observing oil dipsticks regularly. If your oil drops each time, then it indicates that there is an oil leak. When you notice this, you can put oil on your engine and visit the nearest car engine repair services. Adding oil doesn’t disappear the concern because low oil is also a fire hazard.

Another sign of oil leakage is the smell of burning oil. Leaking oil gives a different scent. If this is observed, then it’s time to contact your mechanic. If you are driving and you notice blue smoke from the tailpipe of the car, then it is another indication of oil leakage.

When you drive a car with oil leakage, it’s dangerous as it leads to fire hazards; if the threat is not attended to correctly, the engine wears down in time, creating significant problems.

How do I stop car leaks? 

You don’t need to be an expert to learn how to stop car leaks. Most of the oil leaks can be done on your own. A professional repair center can only repair inevitable oil leaks. The repairing tools you require are a car jack, jack stands, torque wrench, and some additives or replacement parts. The following are the two main methods for fixing your oil leak.

By Use of Additives 

It’s easy to fix the oil leak using an additive or using an oil blend that has high mileage. These products help soften the car’s rubber seals, preventing automotive leaks. This leak gets resolved after driving a few miles with this car.

Fixing the Problem with Tools 

You need not worry. Fixing oil pan leaks with a tool is relatively easy. You will require hand tools like a wrench, and a jack stands for the car. Jack up your car to evaluate the oil pan. Secondly, you must check whether there are loose bolts around the pan.

With time, these bolts loosen and cause oil leakage. So tighten all the bolts on the oil pan and then move to the timing belt cover and valve covers. Do note that you must draw the bolts in a specific manner, which differs from car to car. You can also refer service manual or repair guide for accurate information.


If you find an oil leak in your car, it has to be taken care of properly. Engine oil makes sure that all the components of the vehicle work properly. It improves the lifespan of the car. Oil leakage is caused due to several reasons. It’s never safe to drive a vehicle with oil leakage. It can lead to fire hazards and damage the car’s engine in the long run.

If car oil leakage is minor, you may solve it using an additive or tools. If the car oil leakage is due to some significant issue, you may visit the nearest auto repair shop. There are many Auto repair shops in Perth. You can also find mechanics in Perth who can quickly help you with oil leakage.