7 pro car care tips you should know before a road trip


The exciting road trip season is here to indulge in some pompous riding moments with friends! But before taking it to the winding road, have you crosschecked its condition? Is it ready to tackle some sun-drenched driving?
You have to make sure that the car is capable of tolerating high temperatures if it’s summer and free from dust in the interior before diving in any long ride. Most drivers like us consider car maintenance and care when things go wrong.
But according to the professional mechanics in Perth, you have to be protective enough and care for your car by following fundamental car care tips beforehand. The below-mentioned top 7 car care tips you should know will save most of your money, and time and reduce headaches by eliminating the breakdown causes. Let’s start!

Tip #1: Inspect and replace the battery

Have you encountered failing batteries in winter? The frosty weather puts enormous pressure on your car’s battery; hence, the generation of underlying issues becomes highly obvious! But if it’s exasperating summer months, those underlying issues will now do the real damage.
The lead-acid batteries of your car are brimming with an electrolyte solution of water and sulphuric acid. Therefore, in the scorching summer months, the solution’s evaporation occurs, spawning an issue of oxidation and corrosion, which leads to battery failure.
If required, summer is the best time to have your car’s battery inspected and replaced by mechanics providing auto repair services. When you suspect the poor condition of your car’s battery, it would be better to contact mechanics in Perth that will help you stay sane.

Tip #2: Keep your car mats clean

One of the most common possibilities in life is that your vehicle mats could get grimy at some point in driving. Precisely speaking, they can tackle various run-ins with muddy shoes and rain-soaked boots.
Some amazing DIY car mats are available, which can help protect your car’s interior for a long time. The disposable mats can keep your vehicle neat and clean without any fuss. All you have to do is buy some affordable carpet scraps and cut them accurately based on your car’s floor size and shape. So, when they muster up specks of dirt, you can either throw them away and create new ones or wash them again to use.

Tip #3: Replace your air filter

Your vehicle’s air filter restrains pollutants from entering through the vents. Therefore, such an air filter offers a critical job, and that’s why you have to take good care of it! Additionally, using an outdated air filter with a long-gone maintenance schedule might lead to serious issues for your vehicle’s AC system.
The veteran technicians showcase a red flag of not replacing this air filter, which is part and parcel of a car’s checklist. If you don’t want that mishap to happen, change your car’s air filter every 1 year or after driving 12000 miles.

Tip #4: Examine your car’s hoses and belts

An auto mechanic of Perth suggests you inspect your belts and hoses and replace the timing belt after driving 60000 miles and that serpentine belt every 40000 miles. A vigilant inspection of belts and hoses could save your pocket from a massive mechanic bill down the busy roads.
Moreover, the worn-down belts of your car can cause substantial damage to the necessary components of your car. For example, do you have an impoverished radiator hose? It could fail drastically, and the consequence will be an overheated engine.
Therefore, the auto shop in Perth recommends changing your car’s hoses every 4 years or when it starts showcasing wear and tear.

Tip #5: Top off fluids

The knowledgeable and experienced mechanics suggest that the best way to assess your vehicle’s health system is by topping off your fluids under the hood. It helps keep you and your passengers safe from any accident.
If it’s summer, it would be necessary to keep your eyes on the fluids and the coolant. Its job is to throw heat out of your car’s engine and release it after it gets passed over the radiator. On the other hand, a lower coolant level indicates you are jeopardizing the engine’s overheating, which might lead to a blown head gasket.

Tip #6: Flush and replenish the radiator

Taking out the outdated antifreeze by flushing your car’s radiator system every year will safeguard your car by removing rust, scale accumulation, and other pollutants. You can get this procedure done in various places, which provide oil replacement services.

Tip #7: Get your brakes examined before a long ride

Have you ever noticed any squeaking sound right after you hit the brake? If yes, the brake pads of your car won’t last long; it’s deteriorating! Whether the car’s brakes are demanding a little pressure and making annoying noises, fine-tuning is required.
As nothing is more significant than having a good brake condition in your car at the end of the day, book auto repair services to get acute peace of mind. A professional mechanic will check the brake fluid thoroughly once checking the oil, and it shouldn’t be dark in color. If color changes, they will change the entire brake system for your safety.


Hopefully,¬† All the car care tips you should know now are mentioned above to keep it in the safest condition. Now, you have to assemble your supplies and start crossing items off the car’s checklist. Auto Repair Perth has superior team members and technicians, who have the solutions to every car issue. So contact us straight away and get everything covered with Auto Repair Perth!

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